Mission Statement:

Passionate about working together to provide specialist services. Real people providing real support to make a real difference.

Core Values:


To ensure service user and staff satisfaction
To act in a professional manner at all times
To be fully compliant with the Care Quality Commission and all relevant legislation
To work within the commissioned remit and have clear individualised plans
Quality systems and processes to be upheld
Regular audits to be carried out internally and externally
Invest in the best to provide the best

Team Spirit

To promote an enjoyable workplace
To have a sense of fun
To let your personality and character shine in your job role
To recognise and celebrate achievement
To be dynamic in your approach
To take pride in all that you do
To be passionate


Long term accessibility of the service

To raise company awareness to reach more service users

Responsible growth to ensure the company develops strategically

To promote staff development

To utilise all company resources

To strive to be leaders in our field


To be flexible and adapt our approach to meet the needs of the individual
To deliver a person-centred service
To adapt support to be responsive to change
To promote staff and service user individuality
All different, all equal



To have a 'can do' and innovative approach
To lead by example
To be solutions focussed
To promote effective communication
To act as role models
To strive for positive outcomes
To have a positive outlook
To be driven, committed and enthusiastic


To treat others the way we want to be treated
To act in a non-judgemental manner
To act with integrity
To be champions of dignity
To respect individual style and approach
To respect individual rights to privacy, confidentiality, consent and choice
To respect the inclusion of all where appropriate
To embrace difference