Do you need support at work?

31 May 2023

We are dedicated to providing employment support services that meet your individual needs and empower you to maintain independence and overcome barriers in the workplace. Whether you are starting a new job or aiming to progress in your current role, KEYFORT Group offers tailored support to help you reach your full potential at work. We collaborate with employers to enhance their understanding of specific conditions or impairments, fostering a supportive work environment. Our employment support extends to various job roles, including, practical support assistance job coaching and mentoring, where specially trained support workers help identify necessary skills and encourage independence. Additionally, we offer assistance such as note-taking, personal reading, sighted guiding, travel support, anxiety management, and personal care, ensuring you have the necessary support to thrive in your work environment.

Our employment support workers understand the importance of providing discreet support to individuals. They respect the individual’s privacy and ensure that their support is offered in a professional manner. This allows you to feel comfortable and empowered in your work environment while receiving the necessary assistance to overcome any barriers you may face.

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