History of KEYFORT

The specialist support provided by KEYFORT started back in 2005. At that time, there was very little support for people with neurological conditions and brain injury.

Over the years our expertise and support provision has expanded so that we now work in education, in the community, in employment and in the individual’s own home with their own staff and support team. Each package of care is tailored individually to the person’s needs. 

The company was registered in 2005, delivering support packages in the community. The education support provision was developed in 2007 when a young male we supported decided after achieving his rehabilitation goals he wanted to go to university, and so we supported him from community into education support so he could continue his path of independence. KEYFORT love to work in innovative ways and think outside the box, so we made it happen. We currently now provide Education Services to students in School, College and University to over 600 students a year. 

In 2008 we opened a second office, and started providing support to more complex cases in the Cumbria area, people who were at home on ventilators with complex needs, we began to build our nursing team and specialised in degenerative conditions, spinal injury and ultimately wanted to ensure that family members could be just that and their loved one was supported with a highly skilled and competent specialist care team.

In November 2009 KEYFORT were winners of the Starship Enterprise Award at Newcastle Business Awards, with a team of 500 staff we were so proud to celebrate this as raising awareness about brain injury, neurological conditions, learning disabilities and mental health has been a mission of ours. We have gone on to be finalists and winners in a number of national and local awards since then including Frontline Leader at the British Care Awards, Workforce Development Awards and Business Women of the Year Awards.

In 2018 we opened our Liverpool Office and as well as delivering, Community, Complex, Education and Nursing care we have continued to provide support in Employment. KEYFORT have developed a pathway for individuals who need support from each of these services so that they have a trained and bespoke staff team throughout. This brings us to the present day in which KEYFORT provide specialist services across the whole of the North of England from 4hours per week up to 24/7 365 days per year depending on what the individual needs.