Children and Young People Support

KEYFORT began supporting 5 year old N during the COVID-19 pandemic. The full assessment and referral process was completed remotely, using technology. All meet and greets with his staff team were done online, and N’s family were able to get to know potential support workers and select a team that they believed would work effectively and feel comfortable in their family home. N now has support four times a week; he engages in sensory activities and is developing relationships with new people. KEYFORT support provides respite to N’s family and enables them to spend quality time together which hasn’t always been possible for them in the past. Every member of N’s team absolutely loves supporting him. 

We have been receiving care for our son for over a year now. The management of his case goes way beyond our expectations. Nothing is ever a problem, everything is approached in a professional manner but also not too formal. I think this approach is absolutely what you need when dealing with such personal care in the home. Regular communication and regular updates are provided through management and support staff. I feel extremely comfortable N’s Case Lead managing my sons case and give 110% trust for her to allocate support staff to N”