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Autism Training

KEYFORT offer various training courses internally for our team but also for external organisations

This training is approved by the Department of Education and Accredited by CPDuk for the provision of Non-Medical Helper support



Supporting Students with autism in Higher Education

The course provides a theory-based approach to supporting Autistic students within the Higher Education setting, and how to put this theory into practice. The training provides knowledge and understanding of how to develop routines, strategies and study skills tools to overcome barriers to academic learning as well as support social and emotional wellbeing.

The Course was developed by a range of professionals with knowledge and experience of what barriers and concerns students in Higher Education may face.

Duration:   The presentation and workbook collectively total approximately 15 hours. The guided learning is approximately 13 hours with 2 hours to finalise the workbook.

Mimimun entry level qualification:   Degree level

Delivery:   Face to face/ Online platform

Cost: please email us on enquiries@keyfortgroup.co.uk

On completion of the course, candidates will be able to support students, assisting them to develop strategies and resources in a mentoring or tutoring capacity to achieve in their academic journey.

Course Overview:

Course Outline Involvement Marking
Module 1:

Theoretical unpinning of Autism

Group discussions and theoretical teaching



The course is assessed with the majority of knowledge and understanding marked through the workbook that runs in line with the presentation. Each module is marked through a variety of questions in formats such as written questions, true or false and multiple choice. Practical scenarios-based questions also allow the participants to but the knowledge and learning into practice.


The workbook pass mark is 90%.

Module 2:

Mental wellbeing and autism- A toolkit for managing

Group discussions, scenarios and practical applications.



Module 3:

Autism and the social barriers at university

Student feedback/examples, group discussions and practical teaching



Module 4:

Strategies to overcome challenges and barriers to learning

Student feedback, practical teaching and scenarios




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