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At work, KEYFORT can support you to maintain independence and address barriers to work; tailoring support to meet your specific needs in your job role.

What can we do?

At work, KEYFORT can support you to maintain independence and address barriers to work; tailoring support to meet your specific needs in your job role. Starting a new job is exciting and KEYFORT can support you to reach your full potential through confidence building and mentorship. 

KEYFORT can also work with employers in the understanding of a specific condition or impairment, this can support you through your employment and transition. 

KEYFORT can support in job roles such as:

  • Job Coaching and Mentoring, this type of support can support with developing or progressing in a role. KEYFORT can support you to identify skills and knowledge required for you to do a specific job whilst encouraging you to become as independent as possible. 
  • Note Taker / Electronic Note Taker
  • Personal Reader
  • Sighted Guide
  • Travel support to and from work
  • Anxiety Management at work and attending work events. 
  • Personal support assistance, this would include personal care such as toileting support at work and placements, and supporting with moving around the work environment.  

What can you expect from us?

You can expect our service to work with a person centred and strengths-based approach in mind. 

The people we support can expect to:

  • Have a good care experience. 
  • Feel involved with their care at all times. 
  • Receive care and support which improves or maintains their wellbeing. 
  • Receive a service which develops independence and achievement 

We use digital technology in all aspects of our support delivery. From staff planning to documenting the person’s progress. 

Our specialist team

We employ a specialist team including Specialist Support Coordinators, Academic Coordinators, Employment lead, Registered Nurses and our Clinical Lead is an Occupational Therapist. 

Our supporting staff are assigned to bespoke packages of support. This helps the person being support to build relationships and be assured needs are being met. We employ specialist support workers such as, Job Coaches, Electronic Note Takers, and Employment Support workers.

Next steps

 Visit www.gov.uk/access-to-work/apply or call 0800 121 7479 for further information to apply for funding. You will need to provide some personal information such as where you work and how your condition affects you either at work or getting to work. 


KEYFORT can then provide support workers to assist you in or accessing your workplace – all fully funded. Once we receive a referral, we will arrange an initial assessment, during this visit we will explore your support needs and what your preferences are. 

For a quote or further information please contact us at enquiries@keyfortgroup.co.uk or call is on 0191 4911735.

“I can approach anything now safe in the knowledge I’ve got Sandy with me”

It can be difficult identifying what support is needed for you or your loved one. Find out more about the people we support and how it’s made a difference to their lives in the case studies below.

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